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This shop is:

  • Women Owned
  • Person(s) with Disabilities Owned
  • Neuro Divergent Owned
  • Minority Owned
  • LGBTQIA+ Owned
  • BIPOC Owned
  • Black Owned

Visibility. Safety. Equity.

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Visibility. Safety. Equity.


Founded March 2019 Black Girls Skate (BGS) is a brand and growing non-profit devoted to creating equity, visibility and safety for skaters who identify as Womxn, Non-binary, Trans AND/OR Black, African, or Of Color. We are specifically invested in amplifying skaters across the Black diaspora with skating activities that include skateboarding, longboarding, roller skating, wcmx, and ice skating. This includes all skill levels and skate styles. BGS currently operates with various teammates & partners throughout the U.S. All programs + initiatives seek to start meaningful dialogue amplifying BIPOC skater experiences while providing positive safe spaces for new, aspiring and professional skaters.